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Box to transport bicycles of the Bosques Line of packaging of Correos. Dimensions: 1500 x 300 x 900 mm.

It is made of five-layer corrugated cardboard: two wavy between three layers of plain paper, with lapel closure in the largest dimension of the box.


Product packaging Correos. Forests Line.

Material: Corrugated cardboard.

Dimensions: 150 x 30 x 90 cm.

VAT included: 21%


NOTE: The bicycle box IS AVAILABLE ONLY FOR PICK UP AT THE POST OFFICE. Due to the dimensions of this box, we only deliver this product to Post Offices; we can't take it home or to a Citypaq point. Please keep this in mind when choosing the type of delivery in your order.


What is the Post Office Forests Line?

It is the line of envelopes and ecological boxes of Correos. It consists of different recyclable packaging, made with environmentally friendly materials.

For each purchase of these boxes or envelopes, we collaborate with WWF Spain in reforestation projects, and also with other associations that carry out projects for fire prevention, preservation of biodiversity and fight against climate change, allocating € 0.05 for each unit sold.


Do I have to disassemble the bike to put it in the box?

Yes, but it's very simple. We leave you the steps to perform:
1. Remove the front wheel (taking care not to lose the safety nuts and washers).
2. Remove the pedals and place them inward. The pedals are loosened in the opposite direction to the one being pedaled.
3. Then, release the handlebars by removing the screws from the front of the power or steering rod, putting them back in place so as not to lose them (being careful not to twist the brake and shift cables).
4. Place the handlebars on the frame, leaving the controls of the changes and brakes forward. Hold the handlebars with seals.
5. Loosen the screws of the steering stem power base, and turn it inward, taking care that no screw protrudes.
6. Lower the seat to the lowest possible extent. Another possibility is to remove the seat and place it inside the package holder, thus protecting the shift leg.
7. Place the necessary seals so that the bicycle does not move.
8. Check that all the screws that we loosen have been tightened again so that they do not get lost.


I am going to do the Camino de Santiago by bicycle, do you have any bike shipping service?

Yes! In you have all the information to make the transfer of your bike to the place where you are going to start the road, or from where you finish it.


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