Atalaya Bio Aloe vera soap, rosemary and ghassoul - 100 gr

Atalaya Bio

Atalaya Bio

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Jabón vegan aloe vera rosemary and ghassoul for daily skin hygiene and care. Suitable for the whole body. The rosemary is #225; especially suitable for mixed skin, fats with acnéica tendency, así as well as for the más fat areas of the body, such as the back. It is antiéptico and astringent, so it is suitable for regulating the sebum level of the skin helping to balance it naturally. Its anti-inflammatory properties will harán that you notice the skin más smooth and firm, without impurities and with an improved appearance. It removes toxins and impurities, decongests the skin and provides softness and firmness. It regulates scalp seborrhea, prevents cell aging and #237;ace occurrences. Accelerates the regeneration #243 of suavizá skin and nourishes it by #233. The rosemar #225y #243;n; indicated in the cosmético treatment of all skin types that need nutrition;#243;n, sensitive skin, psoriasis, dermatitis, acné and oily skins.

Inredients: Extra virgin olive oil* / rosemary extract***, extra vera aloe gelíleaf oil*, coconut oil*, karit butteré*, sodium hydroóxide, Almond essential oil*, cocoa butter*, ghassoul clay, rosemary essential oil*, sage essential oil*, Limonene**, Linalol**

* From Ecológica. Agriculture ** From essential oils. *** Wild #243 collection

- High content (between 16.3-17.4%) fresh aloe vera gel directly extraído from the leaf of our own planting#243;n in Red Natura 2000.
- Bio.inspecta certificate
- Made by the saponification processón in frío.
- They do not contain sulfates or products derived from petróleo.
- They have not been experienced with animals.
- They do not contain mineral oils, nor palm oil.
- They do not contain sintéethical fragrances, artificial dyes, nor alcohol.
- Does not contain GMOs.
- They do not contain nanomaterials or irradiated substances (especially clays).
- All our vegetable oils are pure, first presión in frío and certified ecológicos (different #243 from many soaps that are made with refined ecológico oils). All our essential oils are chemotyping.
- Karit butteré it is pure, ecológica and raw (not deodorized).

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