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Yeidra Selection
"YEIDRA Cosmética Bio: La eficacia de la naturaleza en tu piel"
Cosmética Natural y Ecológica

YEIDRA Selección is a project born in 2013 with #243 a vocation to innovate concepts in the ecológica cosmética, offering an alternative to the limitations of conventional cosméethics.

A company committed to respect for the environment and social responsibility, which seeks to offer our customers natural and ecológico products, of the highest excellence and quality.

Thing be a reference in the market of cosméecológica. That's why we offer products made with selected natural and ecológico ingredients, #225 in addition to the experience and the best to make of those who know best to do it.

We assume as máwe value in our work HONESTITY and QUALITY, we are absolutely committed to the high quality of the products we offer, the transparency and fidelity of the information #243 that accompanies themña, all at quite competitive prices.

We are a company with áchange rate. Betting on making sense of what we produce, cómo we produce it and cómo will finally be consumed. In short, we want to help change the way we understand the company, but also #233;n how to understand consumption based on respect for a new type of consumer, every time:

  • Más informed, más responsible, más committed.
  • Más awareness of whaté products buy and consume.
  • Más interested in the type of company you want to bet on: a moreás company model clean, más honest, más committed to its social and environmental environment.


We offer consumers the best cosméecológicos, not tested on animals, free of animal suffering and subjected to rigorous health and quality controls.

And we are committed to:

  • Testar and know our products thoroughly and be convinced of their usefulness and quality.
  • Offer #243;n truthful, honest and detailed information about all our products and their manufacturing processes #243;n.
  • Recabar information#243;n through satisfaction surveys#243;n that we send to our customers, analyze the data and designñar improvement actions.

The fundamental foundations of our creams, lotions and bálsamos are 1ª vegetable oils; presión in frío, essential oils and hydrolates, all of them ecoló gicos. In the #243;n preparation of each product Yeidra seeks synergies between these ingredients so that their properties are enhanced, achieving the expected function of #243;n.

The high concentration #243;n of active substance in each product, the synergies between the ingredients and the exquisite selección of the raw material used in its products make Yeidra a cosméecol ethicsógica very effective.

All the ingredients contained in our products are those supported by the different certification bodie #233s of natural and ecológica. In fact, all our products are #225;n certified by BioInspecta under the BioVidaSana standard in categoría I.

Yeidra has obtained the Ecoplus badge in recognition of its commitment to the #243 manufacture of #233;#233 with the más high percentage of ecológico ingredients.

N't contain añ perfumes, the smell is given by essential oils. It's a faint, simple aroma. After a few minutes after application#243 does not interfere with our usual perfume,

The packaging we use guarantees the perfect preservation #243;n of the products and allow their use 100%.


YEIDRA is #225; consisting of 4 partners:

  • A those who aí,a, in addition, #225;s of añfriends and sharing professional experience, a great #243 concern for respect for the environment and sustainable development
  • And above all a way of understanding the concept of enterprise, íintimately linked to social responsibility.
Natalia Vence Linares

"Rapidez, efectividad y detallista"

Enviaron el producto enseguida, muy bonito empaquetado, perfecto para un regalo. Le quitaron los precios y hasta pusieron una nota. Sin duda para repetir.

08 Jan, 2021
23 Jan, 2022