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Vinya Janine
"Vinos ecológicos de alta calidad"
Elaboración de Vinos


Vinya Janine nació más from 30 años, and is a family business linked to the world of wine. Our ancestors have been engaged in agriculture and wine for centuries, and our appreciation for the land and environment is transmitted in the soul of the wines we produce. Our values are #225 related to quality, sustainability and commitment to the territory. We grow more #225;s of 30 ha de viñedo ecológico. The viñas, located in the prelitoral area of northern Tarragona, in Catalonia, are located at más of 300 m high from the level of the Mediterráneo Sea. The soils are #225;reos and clayey, with a #237;at quite low. These features are #237 that give the typicality to our wines,


We produce ecológicos, jóvenes (white, rosé and red) and aging wines. Since the #237;genes, our elaboration #243 has been very careful, respectful of the environment and with the product, following the motto «produced, elaborated and bottled in the property», símbolo de garantía and total traceability. We also #233 extra virgin olive oil. We are pioneers in ecotourism in our area, organizing different activities, some of them únicas in the world, which can be enjoyed either in the same winery, in our Agrotast agri-site or outdoors between #241;edos. The Vinya Janine winery, together with our rural house-hotel, Rural Jordà, form an exceptional tourism platform with a complete range of services lúdicos in the rural environment and with the viña and wine as central axes.


Vinya Janine was founded by Josep Maria and Maria Teresa, who make up the núcleo of the family business together with their two sons Janina and Jorda.