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Vernacular Desing
Elaboración Cosas Artesanales


VERNÁCULA is a journey to the origin. To our origin, to our land, to our traditionón. It is the history of the place that defines us and of which we are part. It is a look at the past, which allows us to learn and move forward into the future. Recover the timeless wisdom of the vernáculo and return to our raíces, those that free us from the designño of consumption and the estética impostada of fashions. We do not seek to commercialize a trend, but to create pieces to endure over time. To do this, we use noble materials of the highest quality and we bet on minimalist and timeless designs in which the elegance of the simple and the beauty of the natural prevail.

Our furniture combines contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship. All our pieces are made manually in our workshop by master craftsmen. Taking care of these trades and making them last is part of our social responsibility.

Do not ask for moreás of what you can give us, and not demand what you do not have. We only create our pieces to smallñto scale and on request and in them we only use solid wood of casteño, which is the one that abounds in our forests of the Ambroz Valley.


VERNÁCULA is a brand of designño of furniture and architecture, formed by a smallño multidisciplinary team of architects, designers and artisans to whom we are united by love and respect for our land, the Ambroz Valley. Each of our pieces is designed and manufactured in our workshop, surrounded by the same caste forestsño from which we obtain the wood with which we make our furniture.


The team consists of six people. Two people dedicated to administration, social networks and design. Two artisans in the field