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"Joyas para Brillar"
Elaboración Joyas


VAIMONI arises from the concern of Mónica Fumero for creating #241 original designs reflecting the knowledge and style of her own acquired since being a niña beginningó to collaborate in the joyería of her grandmother in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Mónica unleashes her imagination #243 to craft earrings and necklaces with the idea of having fun throughout this process and thrilling her clients, who are usually captivated by elegance, originality and excellence of its finishes.
(being mainly silver, pearls and semiprecious stones the materials used).


That our creations and disseños content and excite our customers is our greatest satisfactionón.

Sambién very important to us is our #243 relationship with them. Know your tastes and preferences, and also #233;n surprise you by awakening your interés with daring proposals.

Therefore reaching a great loyal clientele satisfied with our products is our main objective.


Más that a team is a family in which we #250;ltiples tasks. Monica designña and elaborates, Alicia makes us known, and the demás collaborate a día sí and another also #233;n !!