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"Juguetes con un aire natural"
Juguetes de madera

Somos Tuquinos, a smallñ an Asturian company in which we have put the illusionón of creating toys with natural materials, basáwe are in the methodologicalía Montessori and Pikler diseñ we craft and craft our toys with great love.
All our toys are made of natural wood and allow us to explore the imagination #243 of the más smallñplaying and learning


Our project consists of creating toys with natural materials based on #225;we are in the method of #237; Montessori and Pikler with the idea of publicizing and obviously selling our products.


The Team is made up of three people from the same family:

  • Jana García Lueje
  • Maria Lueje Tuero
  • Jorge Juan Lófish Oca.
Isabel Herrero Andorno
07 Mar, 2021