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Your New Style.
"Vestidos a Medida On Line"
Ropa con Estilo


We're 25 #225#241ñ#241;we're making women's fashion

The main activity of Your New Style is the designño, patronage, cutting, #243;n and ironing of women's garments.

We are artisans and each garment is an opportunity to show our experience and professionalism.

Artesanía and #237 technology;a are #225;n perfectly combined in our company to obtain the product that demands and values the consumer.

Used #243 the PATTERN KEY Fashion Patronage Software for the realization #243;n of all our patterns.


We are an Toledan company whose main objective is to dress a modern, elegant and stylish woman, inattented in current trendsás. For we have created an attractive catálogo of dresses for parties, communions and events, ideal to please the taste of each client.

All kinds of dresses that surprise youán for their elegance and sophisticationón, where shapes, colors, fabrics and patterns are characteristicísticas of the creator Julia Casas.

Models únicos made íntegramente in our own workshop located in Los Yébenes (Toledo).

All our models are #225;n available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Además, we offer the possibility to make our custom dresses, so that every hundred get a perfect fit to its silhouette.

Amplia color gamut:

Broken White, Beige, Maiz, Pink PéTalo, Raspberry, Fuxia, Red, Sky Blue, Blue Eléctrico, Water Green, Green Leaf, Green Bottle, Garnet, Purple, Platinum and Black.
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Disño, Patronage and Confección: Julia Casas García.