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"Piezas únicas con diseños diferentes"
Diseños textiles exclusivos


The idea came upó in November 2018 to make Christmas products with the idea más that of a full-time business as something complementary, but given the reception of the designs;#241;I was askedé launching into this adventure 100% and making products not só what for this élittle festive but for the whole añ .
Queríto customers having different and #250 products; quality products with which to adorn those dates so #241;tied and that both customers and family and friends had one of #243 to make your home in this #233 #241 #225;o.#250 #241/o.


Now the idea has expanded and the products cover both the día día (such as multipurpose baskets or necessities) and specific moments (travel bags to store dirty laundry) and are #225;n designed for both the children'#250 (reversible snack bags, decorative cushions…) as for the públic in general (multipurpose shopping bags, beach, promenade…)
I loveíour products cross our borders, as well as #237; that one of the following steps is to open the sale to other países, although we still #237 have to work on this línea.


Now SóI am, but I hope you can soon expand the team

Rosa Pilar Regidor

"Muy interesante"

El trato ha sido personal a través del correo electrónico. Todo ha llegado bien y rápido.

19 Oct, 2020

Muchas gracias por tu opinión Rosa :)

Trocitos de ti 19 Oct, 2020
Carlota García Ahlers
05 Dec, 2020

Hola Carlota, muchas gracias por dedicarnos tu tiempo a valorar tu pedido :)

Trocitos de ti 07 Dec, 2020

"Fácil y rapido"

El pedido llego extraordinariamente rapido, sobretodo teniendo en cuenta las fechas. Más que usando amazon prime.

03 Jan, 2020

¡Muchas gracias por la valoración! ¡Nos alegramos que lo hayas recibido rápido!

Correos Market 09 Mar, 2020


23 May, 2020