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Viola Workshop
"Lámparas artesanales con flores naturales"
Artesanía del Hogar

The workshop of craftsanía Taller Viola has been working for almost thirty years;#241;#243;n of products decorated with natural flowers. Being in the úwe have años lámparas your main dedication #243;n.


All kinds of #225;mparas and screens are manufactured... table, floor, wall and ceiling. In clásicos and designño.
Están models made with a material that mimics the parchment but isá approved for the #243 manufacture of screens. Cream or white.

Flowers are grown, pressed and dried in the workshop and incorporated into the screens, protecténdolas with a thin outer layer of paper for use and cleaning.

The customer chooses the model and the decoration #243;n that he wants. Each model is único.


One person.