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Sylvia Garrido
"Hecho en Madrid"
Diseño de telas. Confección y creación de accesorios.


All Startó as a hobbie being almost a niña and today it is more than #225;s of 20 años that I dedicate professionally to the artesanía, participating in fairs in the sector and developing different #233 techniques and designs #241 throughout the años.

The idea was to create different and ñ #250;nicos design so that anyone who wears these garments,  also feels like #233 someone único, coming out of the "marked" path. You canás dress as tú you want and with the motifs you like, not the ones that make fashion every season.

¿Whyé do I have to dress with a daisy print if what I like are poppies? because I can paint those poppies, for example, on any garment you also #250; choose, and #233 I can also customize you a T-shirt, blouse, trousersón, etc. that you want with the design.#241;or that you can think of.


As a fabric decorator, it consists of painting on different fabrics the designed #241;os I perform, ¿Up to dówhere I want to go?...   ¡¡¡ Everyone likes what I do!!!


The computer... Well, it's just me,

Carlota García Ahlers
09 Mar, 2021