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"Del sudoeste a tu paladar"
Jamones, chorizos y lomos de Huelva


SWgourmet was born five #241 years ago;you as a family project, full of love and traditionón. Pushed by our family and cícircle of friends, who know first hand our farm, animals and the good work of breeding, to share all our products with the world.

Each piece is elaborated with pasión and its care to achieve an excellent taste and great quality, elaborateándolos always with natural products and by hand.

"Two brothers, who constitute the 5º generation #243 of a family business of almost a century, fully dedicated to the livestock sectoría, specifically with the rearing of the ibérich pork.

At SWgourmet we rely on family #243;n translation for the #243;n production of our products, an artisanal process that has been inherited from the generation of our products#243;n in generations#243;n.

The goal is simple, to bring our products to the palate of our friends, to fool them with the traditional flavor and the best raw material of our own pigs. 
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SWgourmet brings the scent of South West from the península Ibérich to your table. Our hams, sausages and patés are únicas and limited pieces. We control all phases of the process. From birth to sale to our customers.

We want to reach all those people who are #233;n interested in local, traditional and handcrafted products, from animals of local breeds raised in freedom and with a very careful natural #243 food.


It is a family business made up of four members of the family: my brother Fernando (veterinarian) and I, Inés (engineer agrónoma), we are the owners of the company. My father, Julio, is the rancher, who is #225; at the foot of the field and takes care of the breeding of the animals. My mother, Remedios, reviews that the #243;n of products is carried out following the líneas marked by our traditionón and in charge of the preparation #243;n envíyou very carefully.
11 Feb, 2020