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Shasel Shoes
"Walk, walk and walk | Crafted in Spain"
Zapatos de hombre


Shasel is born from Joan's illusion and passion for debuting new shoes,

Despody young I've been linked to the world of skin. First at home, where my parents were butchers and the children were cleaned and we went out the hides. Later working in fur factories,

Vengo of a large family, I am the little one of six brothers, and in the 60s you valued a lot of being able to debut clothes: it was even noticeable in your face, they even said that you were running more with new shoes. It was hard for me to feel that because being the little one I inherited my brothers' clothes and shoes,

And so I have come to this day and have decided to debut my own shoes, bringing experiences in this world and a lot of passion in making luxury shoes to which I have put the name of Shasel in reference to salt.

The idea is to make shoes with your own lasts and draw to find the comfort for the man's feet. Very comfortable and natural shoes possible, using vegetable-made leathers, free of chrome and without corrosive chemicals for the environment. To understand it simply, if you put clothes on a washing machine, in this case you put leathers and instead of using soap you use tree sawdust. The tannins make the leathers tanned as they were done in the old, respecting the environment. In this way we get comfort, eliminate allergies and bad smells in the feet and get the shoe to sweat completely,


Consess in the manufacture of shoes of the highest quality made entirely in Spain and as artisanal as possible without losing elegance or comfort. On the other hand, we took advantage of the still craftsmen giving life to a type of business that seemed lying and asleep. The intention is to show the world that the Spanish shoe is alive and that our added value is experienced professionals. Most importantly, young people are also committed to it, and I say it with knowledge of the cause.  


Designers, social media communication company, modelers, employers, hormeros, shoemakers. Always taking advantage of existing resources. And finally the manager, who is me, shaping the whole team,