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"Zapatillas atrevidas para gente única"
Diseño propio de zapatillas casual y urbanas


Imo story is the story of an entrepreneur, soñador, creative and imaginative, who wants to see his #241 dream fulfilled; or.

My #241 is to have my own clothing and footwear brand and internationalize my business


The history of this business is simple; I came up with itó you can #237 wear a designñ or of a pair of sneakers and give them a retro touch with embroidery, while giving a bold air thanks to our bright colors.

In definitively, I thought of #243 creating soins daring sneakers that are both dress-up and for a casual-casual daily style.


Our project, which is our Brand "Setnika ®" is a brand of casual-urban style shoes, with exóticos colors and designñor own.

We bet on a designñor elegant and fácilly combinable, with the possibility of dressing different colors or color combinations on each foot. 

Our designñare #225;n designed for a demanding, casual and daring pú, for open-minded boys and girls, who don't mind trending and dressing with a different point.

Sin forget, beside #225s the #241 of the #241

  • Quality, because we use cotton fabricsón 100% ecológicos, which favors #243;n.
  • Comodity, because we incorporate templates composed of two layers, one of recycled polyurethane and one of memory-foam, which are 7 mm thick, which increases comfort.


A time, in the beginning, the project is #225, led and managed by a única person, the entrepreneur-founder