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In the #241 a&<9>; or 2018 I start as a young farmer and beekeeper. In principle with an ecológico almond farm in Torremendo (south of Alicante) and 200 hives. In the año 2019 amplío the exploitation #243 with a farm of cítricos (limón), to put it in ecológico cultivation, currently in the period of reconversión.

The hives complement the agrítail activity as necessary pollinators, being in régimen of transhumance, although the transfers were made by fenceías, from the almond farm itself to others of cítricos or mountain in the area of Orihuela, according #250 to the seasonality and floraón. All the farms where the settlements of the hive #225s are #225;n in ecológico cultivation or in conversationón to ecoló cultivation; crops respectful of the environment and bees, without the use of pesticides or herbicides, ensuring with locations animal welfare, sites protected from the inclement weather in winter and the sun in summer.

The type of hive chosen is Dadant, due to the increased capacity of the cría cámara that provides the bees with a more áximo comfort and placing lifts on them allows the collection #243 of differentiated honeys from different blooms.

In the #241 a&<3> <2>;o 2019 I get my first honey crops, según the time of the año and the floración, collecting así in principle orange blossom honey, already depleted until the next #243 harvest; xima harvest, rosemary honey, thyme and honey of varied flowers.


The #243;n of the business is eminently agrícola, focused on almond and cíecológicos, being beekeeping a complementary activity to agriculture.

The purpose of the business is intended to reach the consumer as much as possible in the más direct form, in order to provide the best quality and at a reasonable price, both for the consumer and for the producer, in such a way as to allow stability to the project.

The intention is #243 to start the direct sale of honeys to the consumer to gradually increase the products, with oil, almonds and cítricos.


This is a family project, míor with the support of my parents and sister.
james kashishian

"Rápida entrega"

Hemos hecho varios pedidos del mismo producto. La 1ª vez tardaron bastante en hacer la entrega, por un error suyo, e incluyeron un bote de miel de regalo para compensar.

10 Oct, 2020
Isabel Herrero Andorno
07 Mar, 2021