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"Joyas artesanales de plata y baños de oro"
Marca de joyería con base en Cuenca


my name is Rachel. I am a product #241;adora although I have always worked as a design #241;jewelry adora. After #233 many #241;os decideí put aside the industrial production #243;n and creé Saywite with the aim of creating very personal jewelry inspired by astronomyía by hand.

Create in the local business and that's why all our pieces are #225 produced in smallñas editions together with national workshops with top quality materials.

Parts are all personally #225 created from scratch, starting with the concept to the 3D model. Once the model is created it merges into national workshops and I review them by hand in my workshop. If you need a custom jewel I can help you create it.


Saywite is a gemería brand based in Cuenca. It was born with the aim of highlighting our individuality through #233;s of jewelry: pieces to mix and match secún your tastes or state of ánimo that allow to reflect your personality. Talismans, pieces with spiritual touches inspired by astronomyía are mixed with earrings and chains más essential.

Parts diseñadas from scratch and produced in small editions #241;as editions. Its limited manufacture #243;n makes it possible to control all the details of #241 design created based on proportions and shapes of the high jewelería.

Every the pieces are #225;n made of Sterling Silver and gold baños so that they can accompany you #241;ar always. Sówe use natural stones that make it possible to create pieces with #243 a color and brightness únicos.


Saywite is a personal brand and although I get help from everyone around me, sólo isá made up of mí.