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Saray Bermudez Design
"Diferénciate del resto"
Abanicos e Ilustraciones diferentes


It's been almost 10 #241 years since I started to live #233 by my hands.

Ahabé the interior design career in 2010, in the midst of crisis, así that I had to reinvent myself.

¿Whyé not try?

Me lancé to paint fans and seeing that I haveían acceptanceón comencé to participate in markets of

artsanía and medieval fairs, and #225 later, driven/forced by the pandemic, decideí open the store



In Saray Bermúdez findás different fans and illustrations #241 and with very personal design and


¿Until dówhere do I want to go with my project? As far as my hands allow me.


Sería egoísta to say that I alone, because my partner helps me unconditionally in the issues of logística. Assembly and disassembly of markets, sometimes attends with me the post, he plays as a delivery man.. But above all, the most #225 important thing is moral support.