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Artisan Sauces
"Artesanos Gil: La artesanía en su mesa."
Elaboración de aceites y salsas


A mid-#241;os 60 the parents of Miguel Gil – EXECUTIVE CEO, opening to the público a food store #243;n specializes in fresh cut meat, así as cured sausages of #243; own. Available as #237 for sale extra virgin olive oil in bulk.
Tras his family experience Miguel Gil and his wife reinvent the neighborhood butcher and begin offering a selection of #243 takeaways and bread service, así <3> <1>; as a shop for necessities (Water, milk, soft drinks, bollería, rice, pasta…)
Aproximatedly in the años 2000 his sons Lucía Gil and Miguel Gil become part of their work and help in that store. The innovation #243;n continues to grow until it has día today we specialize in the elaboration of #243 artisan sauces (aioli), cácooked rnicos and olive oil of catechesisía superior. All of them made #243 their own.


Our business is to produce gourmet quality products, with the aim
of innovating without leaving the essentials of artesanía and craftsmanship #243;n.
In 2007 we are located for the first time an industrial ship located in the Polígono of our locality, in 2016 to expand our product range is amplían our facilities and during the año 2019 our new headquarters más is built to meet the current demand and expand the area of our mill.


Our team is made up of the Gil Martínez Family (F GIL M), along with the essential help of various departments (Quality, Administrationón, Productionón and Commercial)