Tastes of the Guijo - Casa Alonso
"Mermeladas artesanas 100% naturales elaboradas con fruta fresca y de temporada"
Productos Artesanos 100% Naturales


In our village we have #237;a tradición in all the houses to make natural spirits and jams due to the large fruit crop. With the passage of time seeing that tourists liked we started to make it to offer the people who visited us and had very good acceptance #243;n. This is how we startó our company.

Aryest natural products made using the típeaks of the area. Putting 100% Natural products on the market, without preservatives or additives; based on extra premium raw materials, collected at their fair point of maturation #243 and made in the día.


Casa Alonso – “Sabores del Guijo” is a family business dedicated for moreás of 30 años a la elaboración one hundred percent natural and artisanal liquors, jams, quince, almíbars and fresh fruit vinegars. Following the family #243;n tradition that since time is immeaurable has gone from generation #243;n to #243;n and that overcoming the challenge of time has reached our días we offer them today.  


In the beginning the company started it my parents and we helped themáwe,when they retired the company, we formed two of the four brothers and two employees.

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