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Rustic Queen
"Saborea la naturaleza asturiana"
Productos derivados del arándano asturiano


Rustic Queen begins its journey two years ago;#241;os, in a wonderful Asturian enclave, between the sea and the mountainña, with the #243 intention of giving a value to ñadido to arándano, fruit recognized for its many properties and with the start of #241 contributing to rural development.

Valuing what the land gives us and involving both organisms, producers and rural #243; population, we develop products of the más high quality at the nutritional level.


Our project is based on the production of #243;n and commercializes #243 of products derived from AráNdano Asturian. We have for this, ISO 9001:2015, 22000 :2005 and FDA (USA). We are also #233;n certified by COPAE (Ecoló #243;gica agricultural production of the Principality of Asturias


Currently we are immersed in the development of totally innovative products that we will present shortly.


Our human team is #225; consisting of field #233 and fábrica staff from our rural environment.

05 Jun, 2020
Marta De Frutos Cuevas
13 Dec, 2020
Teresa Salas
23 Feb, 2021
Isabel Herrero Andorno
07 Mar, 2021
MATIAS Guilló Ruiz


Rapidez en el envio.

11 Apr, 2021
Juan Bances Perez

"100% Recomendable"

06 Nov, 2022

¡Muy buenas! Nos alegra ver que tu experiencia Rustic Queen con ha sido agradable, Juan. Cuenta con nuestra ayuda siempre que la necesites. ¡Un saludo!