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Ruben Troy
"La elegancia es como una cúpula de mocárabe, pequeñas piezas crean una obra de arte"
Diseño de prendas y complementos


Therefore we support handmade, handmade products. When opening the store, we have #237;we have few but very selected products, that's #237;, all handmade and handmade.

We start with a wide collectionón of English caps, made in paño, 100% sheep wool products, in addition to #225;s, there was even capable of men who were made with the same fabrics as the caps.

Were well received.


Out the idea of creating a project that is dedicated to the design #241 of garments and accessories, although it was originally dedicated to the women's and masculine sector, it is true that after carrying out various market studies we have decided that the company in the near future be á dedicated to the unisex sector.

Thing to have a worldwide positioning and recognition thanks to our brand, surely for many of you it will be a #241 dream; or unattainable taken from a mind that has the ego very high to reach the most fashion #225 and the business world.

¿Don't you think it's nice to always think big when you're #225; surrounded by people looking for that same point as yours?


Sóthe two people:

A is our advisoríto whom without her we will not be able to do #237; we do nothing of what we do, because she is dedicated to carrying a part of the company in which we miss it


The other person is Rubén, who is the creative director and founder of the fashion firm Rubén Troya, él takes care of everything that comes with designñor the products of that firm.