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Knee Printers
"Rodilla Impresores 1969. Desde siempre contigo"
Combinamos tecnología con procesos de producción artesanales


Fernando Ramón García. With just a few wildcards of typographería and a manual máquina (Bostón model, which is still #237 preserved in the company), it starts Knee Printers in a élittle uncertain, but at the same time full of opportunities. They were años in which the work did not missó and in a short time the workshop was expanded, first with #233 a Minerva, also with a typegraphía and más late with a Heidelberg model M.O., with which it was passed #243; to the system of impresión Offset. At the end of the #233;each of the 90' is incorporatedó the digital printing system, #243 always betting on the Konica Minolta brand, achieving greater agility in the delivery of orders. In the últimos añwe have incorporated large format #243;n systems, aña giving labeling services to #243;n. In addition,#225;s we #233 also have binding machineryón, handling and finishing.

A día today, in Rodilla Impresores we continue to retain the essence of the principle, we continue to combine the technologyía with the production processes of #243;n craftsmanship. Currently we have achieved a production process #243;n entirely in harmonyía with the environment and with our environment, using 100% ecológicos, such as cesped or caña-based sugar, or the 100% ecológica Cyclus cardboard and as a novelty, we present a support manufactured by ourselves 100% recycled to which we have incorporated alfalfa seeds, thus from now on, our customers will #225 be able to plant their prints, thus managing to close the círculo of recycling.


Omos a smallña Printing Press, very versátil since we cover, with our three printing systems#243;n (Offset, Digital and Large Format) and our binding systems ón and finishes, the needs of our customers in the level of the Gráficas Arts. In addition,#225;s we have a clear commitment to the environment, using recycling systems of all our waste, reuse #243;n of our waste and use #243 of super-ecológicos.

In the úlast times we have opened a new product line, to meet the needs of companies that distribute their products in an "On Line" mode, that is why we have a wide range of:

- Packaging and Product Boxes.

- Adhesive labeling on both coil and flat and also #233;n hanging labels for clothing.

- All types of leaflets and instructions, with bends and brackets técynics.

- Seals and adhesive tapes, for packaging.

- Envelopes and envío.

All this and much more#225;s, that's what we can offer you in Knee Printers, we wait for you



Somos a small company#241, made up of 3 people:

  • Toni in charge of the Preprintón, Digital Printón and Large Format 
  • Reme in charge of the Administration #243;n and support for handling orders
  • Héctor in charge of the Impresión Offset, Bindingón and Finishes.