RM Rioja
"Venta directa de la bodega al consumidor"
Vinos de La Rioja

Más of 100 años and four generations dedicated to the world of wine, starting in

1870 with the opening of a small #241 winery in El Cortijo and the purchase of some

viñedos by the Villar family, where the wine was pressed and sold in bulk.

In 1980, it was expandedó the El Cortijo winery, which is already beginning to bottle Rioja wine.

Definitively in the años 2000, the group is installed between Logroño and Laguardia, with the

adquisición of some ships for bottling surplus wines, main

group market today.

Debasm the wide client portfolio, between 2006 and 2009, we proceeded to

the purchasing #243 of two wineries in Lapuebla de la Barca and Laguardia, passing to

mloped of Rioja wine with his own viñedos.


We are a company dedicated to the world of dinámica and ágil wine capable of serving the

más demanding customer with the best #243;n quality/price/service on the market.

Our philosophy is #237 the direct sale of the winery to the consumer, adaptándonos to the

necessities and demands of the customer, being able to send quality wines to small #241 children

and medium-sized buyers,

In our catálogo we have más of 100 references that we group and sell to

professionals of the hostelería, shops and individuals.


We're born as a family business with Rafael Villar at the helm, and we're growing and

ampling template with market needs. We have qualified staff

and with extensive experience reinforced with Jorge Algarabide at the head of the department


Eduardo Jesús Guindo Vílchez

"Una buena experiencia."

07 Nov, 2020