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Artisan Respostería "Aunt Melitona"
"El sabor de toda la vida"
Elaboración Repostería


The Tía Melitona nació with the vocation of #243 maintaining traditions. So in the año 2006, when you retiredó Ángel Benito, the one who had been #237 responsible for the Workman since the year #241;os 70, we decided to start a new adventure. We #237 very clear that we want to #237;we continue to do things as our elders have #237 done. Three generations of reposters precede us and our #243 is to keep their legacy alive. The beginnings were nothing fáciles, since we went from selling bread and repostería to lifelong customers in the village, to trying to sell our products in other towns and cities where no one knows us#237;a. They were años hard, of a lot of work in the workman and fairs on weekends throughout the community, to publicize our elaborations.


Al principle only producesáwe made traditional repostería products, in the same way that he did it #237;an lasñoras de la pueblo, when they went to our workman días before the main festivities to make almond pastes, olive oil buns, muffins or dragged them….. Over time we started making butter products such as té pastas, cat tongues, orange and chocolate biscuits, until we reach our specialty “Melitones”, a cake based on butter and almond flour. But always handmade and cooked in our leña holm oak oven. Our project is not only a job, of which luckily we can live, but is a way of life. A life in our village, where our children grow up. Where we do what we like the way we like it. Where, although with great effort, we carry out a small #241;a company. But above all, where we are proud to do things in the best possible way and offer a great variety of repostería craftsman and cooked in leña oven. Therefore, we will continue to work to ensure that our products,


Noemí Trenadoy Angel Luis Beniro are the people who make up the Respostería Artesana "La Tía Melitona". Couple and parents of two children, they lead this project not only as a business, but as a life project,