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Southeastern Olive Reserve
"Máxima frescura. Del campo a su mesa."
Elaboración Aceite

Our parents and grandparents were born and lived working the fértiles and temperate lands of the Southeast Español. And to us, who grew up among farming tools and irrigation ditches #237; or, the idea of managing our own farm agrícola did not have #237;a stopped hanging over our heads from the youth.

It was in 1999 that it was finally fulfilledó our sueñor and we bought the Finca La Tallada, located in the province of Albacete, at Km. 7 of the road from Caudete to Montealegre, Municipality of Caudete, near Yecla and Almansa.

At an altitude of 650 meters above sea level and protected to the north by the Sierra de Santa Barbara and to the south by the Knife, the microclimate enjoyed by Finca La Tallada has proven to be the ideal for growth , floración and #243 maturation of our harvests.

Our headquarters, shop, warehouses and Almazara are located in the #243 town of San Isidro, in the southñ a Alicante region of La Vega Baja/Bajo Segura. Allí we carry out the storage and distribution #243;n of nuts, wine and Virgin Olive Oils.


We are producers with traditionón farmer by birth.

We pamper in detail all our crops taking care of our lands every day of #237;from dawn to sunset.

Our main objective is to offer our customers the máxima quality, service and #243;n.<br/


Our team is #225; consisting of Jaime and Andrés (the chiefs), Abraham (general manager), Anacleto (gestión of fields), José (responsible Finca La Tallada), Mari Carmen (store and administration #243;n), Marta (sustainability and laboratory), Paco (logística and marketing).

Although if we talk about fieldwork, we all do a little bit of everything,... including the bosses.

And also #233;n are part of our part-time day labor team, especially during éfew harvests.
Nieves Rodriguez Oviedo

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