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Queen Kilama Cooperative Society
"Miel de calidad 100 % natural"
Elaboración de miel natural


The story of Queen Kilama begins in 1997 with the group #243ing of 25 beekeepers from the Sierra de Salamaca.

The main reason for the group #243 is the creationón of an sólida and strong structure to market its products apícolas.


The Reina Kilama cooperative is governed by promoting quality products and, thanks to its cooperative partners, tries to reach all points in España so that they can appreciate the high quality of their products.


The team is #225, made up of 12 people. It is distributed in different departments; department of quality, sales and administrative. In additionás, we have packaging rooms, cleaning and own laboratory.

Isabel Parra Santa Mónica
24 Jul, 2020
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08 Oct, 2020
ANIANO Viyuela Lamas
08 Oct, 2020
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07 Nov, 2020
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"Envío un poco lento"

Descripción del producto correcta.

08 Nov, 2020
Isabel Rodriguez Alabarce


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