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Chimera Craftsmanship
"Artesanía Pura"
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We started two years ago #241 at our current location, but our trajectory dates back to 2001.
As a Graduate in Fine Arts, my idea was to create handmade products, at an affordable price, with the peculiarity of making products únicos, current, handmade, with exclusive designs #241 and with a lot of color, which is our seña of identity. We intend to cover a large number #250 of products intended mainly for women 20 to #241;os onwards.


Our business is á located in Teruel capital. It consists of a workshop and a shop in the same place. The largest of #237 our products is #225;n related to painting and has several aspects:
- Bag painting
- Painting of clothes with various técnicas, by hand, screen printía, sublimación, textile vinyl, but always starting from an artisanal técnica, based mostly on watercolor.
- Painting of paintings, at óleo, watercolor.
- Bisutería, with natural stones, with designsños own.
- Decorci materialón in general
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A bachelor's degree in Fine Arts

Gretha Nava


Agradecida por el detalle de envolver la taza en papel regalo y además me regaló un porta mascarillas.

16 Oct, 2020


Quimera Artesanía 13 May, 2021
Ana Barquero
21 Dec, 2020