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Alberche cheeses
"Quesos elaborados con leche fresca de nuestras cabras"
Queso artesanal de ganadería caprina propia

In the slopes of the peak “El Zapatero”, in Navandrinal, a small ña población at 1,400 m high, a company dedicated to the preparation of cheeses with goat'#243 s milk was born.

The quesería está located in the region “Alberche Valley” in the province of Ávila.

The cheese is made by hand, with milk from ganadería goat own.


We use 100% natural ingredients, since the basis of #243;n cheese is milk, rennet and salt, without añadd #250 any additive, preservatives or artificial dyes.

Tambi&n #233;n we take care of the product in the matureón cá, until we obtain a cureón óptima.

In short, it is a cheese of flavor and texture únicos to satisfy the moreás demanding palates.

Our products:

  • tender,

  • Semi-cured cheese (natural bark, rosemary or pimentón).

  • Tronco Vettón Vailecus (tier, rosemary or pimentón).

  • Curred cheese of raw milk (cureón mínima 2 months).


The company is small;#241 a dimensión, I have no #250 worker in charge.