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"Que Bueno Esta Todo"
Elaboración de platos con judiones


QBET was born in 2017 as a brand of the innovation center #243;n The Kitchen of Ideas to continue the JUDIAGRO project based on advances in the cultivation and transformation #243;n of the Judión of La Granja.

Our gastronómico laboratory is located at the mountain foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

It is a privileged place to cook, we have abundant water from the mountains and Valsain pine wood from the natural park, where we soak the judiones from our own harvest. In this kitchen center we combine the traditional #243;n with the innovation #243;n, the know-how and creativity of cooks and technólogos is mixed to look for the best recipe and take it home.

In Qbet we grow the original seed and bet to recover the cultivation of this legume única working with the brand of Garantía Judión of La Granja.


The Farm Judión was used by Elizabeth of Farnesian (wife of Philip V) to feed the pheasants she cared for in the gardens of the Farm of San Ildefonso. This judía was cultivated in the nearby #243 orchards and was gradually used as fodder for horses and later as human food.

The variety grown in La Granja is the Phaseolus multiflorus Willd.

The Judión of La Granja is a high quality product that takes advantage of its location#243;n geográfica, the Sierra de Guadarrama and the lands of the veredas of the Ríos Eresma and Pirón, whose lands fértiles give the Judión de la Granja some charactersísticas únicas in the mouth since despite remaining firm in its kitchen it #243 is undone in the mouth providing exquisite aromas and flavors.


Our recipes are únicas for their careful selectionón and cultivation of local raw materials of certified origin.

We recover recipes from a lifetime or create contemporary recipes áneas of haute cuisine looking for nuances and intensity of flavor and using tékitchen techniques very careful and selected local raw materials.

We collect each recipe by hand, for this we take care of all the details.

Al the same time we are in continuous búsqueda of ténovel cooking techniques and study nutritional aspects in the recipes designed as #241;adas.


So team composed of specialists from different ámbitos: farmers, biólogos, technófood logos experts in nutritionón and cooks of traditional cuisine and haute cuisine.