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Alcarria Products
"Lo natural nuestro mayor empeño"
Investigación y cultivo sostenible en la zona de la Alcarria Alta

TU TRUFA, LA LAVANDA Y MI MIEL is a novel project that integrates three tí products;peaks of the Alcarria and of high quality:

TU TRUFA is an integrative project that has been 15 añs with #225 an integrative project that combines forestry, agriculture, sustainable cultivation and research#243;n. Defend the diversification #243;n of agrisystems based on truffle cultivation. Our intention #243;n is to replicate the natural model from an integrative perspective that combines scientific development #237;fico with ecológica agriculture and the entry of económicos inputs from the outset. We have the capacity to micorrize different types of truffle species in associations #243;n with a wide variety of forest species.

Our nursery is #225; located in the Alcarria Alta de Guadalajara, and the truffles and acorns that we use to remove our mycorrhisized plants have the guaranteeía of being #233 also collected in the area of La Alcarria.

That's why our plants we sell are certified and 100% Alcarria.

We want to make our own money, the natural. In short: quality above profitability or immediacy to offer products únicos and that is #233 guaranteed under the Meat Seal of the Alcarria.

LA LAVANDA Since 2016 we are dedicated to the cultivation of this aromatic plant;#225 tica, we have several hectáecológico cultures of Lavandín Grosso and a vívero, “La Huerta del Cura”, from where we take out our own plants to replenish our fields, sell plant and put new plantations.

We do this all, taking into account, first of all, the care of the land, trying to make a symbiosis between the use of the #243 use of mechanical material#225;nico and human resources, the use of orgó #225;nico fertilizers and no products that #237;micos or fertilizers or herbicides.

Thirlating the natural over profitability or immediacy to obtain products únicos and that #233 are guaranteed under the Meat Seal of the Alcarria.

The cuttings from where we take the plants for the nursery are taken from our farms located in the area of the Alcarria Alta.

Thing ours, the natural; in short: quality above profitability or immediacy to offer products únicos and that are #233 guaranteed under the Meat Seal of The Alcarria.

MI MIEL Since 2018 we have been trying to obtain from our hives, selected and always placed near our lavender fields, the best honeys that pretend to be a signature honey, where we are clear that our bees will be able to feed on uncontaminated fields that #237;micamente and treated in the más careful and natural form. We try to accompanyñar planting other aromatic species;#225;ticas, árboles and various autóctones plants, to feed in the different months in which bees will be working. We take care that the water that the bees feed leaves directly from a natural spring, and as a result of all this, we start from that we have the best raw material to research and #237; get a rich, natural and #225 aromatic honey from the best honey zone in the world, that of the Alcarria.

For course, all our hives, which are not many, nor do transhumance, #225 are located in the area of the Upper Alcarria.

The result is, in principle and for the moment, only two honeys, but of high quality: lavender or scent honey and lavender honey with truffle, both, of course, with the Alcarria Product Seal, which indicate that everything is done and produced in this area.

These are packaged in double-glazed,#241-crystal dyñ bottles to ensure máximo care and maintenance.


All products here#237; they are sold they carry our Logo as a Seal of Quality...

"La Peña Hueva" (Puerta de la Alcarria) which guarantees that all are 100% alcarria products.

This región in the center of Castile has extreme weather conditions, with high temperatures in summer and frías in winter, that make the plants that are given, mainly #225 aromatics; tomillos, rosemary, lavenders… are highly appreciated for their intense aromas, which makes them the best food for bees, and make our honeys, essences and #225 aromatic products have so many beneficial properties.

Además, the truffles that are #225;n collecting in the Alcarria, due #233 also to its limestone soil, its altitude and climate, offer guarantees #237 of quality and aroma that closely resemble other neighboring areas and with más traveled in this crop, such as Teruel and Soria.

Therefore, when you buy a product of the Alcarria, you will haveás full guaranteeí that the cultivation, care and transformation #243;n final have been developed in this area, and that you take a 100% product of the Alcarria. This seal guarantees you the continuous bú of the natural and the autóctone as the quality of our products.


The team is made up of families from the largest #225;s who have collected moreás of 50 añaromáticas and splendoos in the mountain and have known in the course of #241;ar the know-how of things. Also #233;n several biólogos continue to research to achieve quality truffles, the más jóvenes that are the ones who manage the hives and by #250;itimo teens are the ones who have created the online store, image, marketing and photos to make the traditional a novelty and the family a company.