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Pomares Dulces
"Directo desde el Paraíso"
Elaboración Cosas Naturales


Pomares Dulces is born from the illusión of making known to the rest of the world the excellent products of Asturias and the rest of España, products made entirely handmade, respecting the customs and essence of the traditional throughout the production process. The feeling of being indebted to this land for all that it gives us, leads us to protect this landscape and its gastronomyía más typical of the paraíso, just as our ancestors have been doing for centuries. All our products are #225;n certified as ecológicos by COPAE.


Located in the shadow of the Sierra del Sueve and on the shores of the Cantábrico Sea, Pomares Dulces has developed a fully ecoló #243;gica and sulfate-free plantation, with a wide variety of áfruit trees from which to obtain the best raw material. A totally self#243-sufficient plantation, from the free pollination #243;n of fruit trees, until the fertilizer and maintenance of the farm, which is in charge of our sunsets and sheep, which are the auténticas dueñas of the plantation #243;n.
Alst we bet on ecológicos, exclusive and high quality products that do not leave our customers indifferent. In our wide range of products you canéis to enjoy jams and honeys, which Además, given the nature of its elaboration #243;n free of additives, we make these suitable for the consumption of all públicos.


Currently the team is made up of #225 only one person, but eager to grow and incorporate más people with the same desire and illusión.