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"Colorea Tu Mundo"
Creamos mapas gigantes para colorear


PINTAYPINTO was born in 2017 by joining points (ideas) such as hacíamos de pequeños in the activity notebooks.

Thinking with my children and nephews, of #225 different ages, and fighting for tonterías pensé in making some drawings on the big cardboard más that you haveía at home and they all started coloring, talking and sharing colors riéndose.

Algún time after #233;s, on vacation with the family, the #237 biggest wants to know the cities and we can'tíwe avoid the boredom of the más little onesños and by joining these two points comes the idea: But… ¿and if we also spend #225 a good time together we can learn things and encourage curiosity?. Our third point completed the drawing and was #243; PINTAYPINTO.


Create giant coloring maps and así be able to share special moments.

In this life “to the race” we lead it is not fácil to have quality time with our family and friends, where we can be together in a relaxed and fun environment.

These coloring maps are a fun and educational activity, with which to enjoyán large and smallñyou with friends, cousins, parents and grandparents.


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