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"Un disfrute para los sentidos"
Artesanía en Jabón


Pécora arises from a collapse, of a fracture, of devastated terrain and gradually … Pécora goes armándo se as the one who uses an apósite for pain, as an #243 invocation to beauty, as one who grops in the hope that he will find itá.

We bet on handmade products where each piece maintains its uniqueness.

So desire to make beautiful objects with wool by hand and expand their use for a cotiadian environment.

Pécora is a botón fastened in another eyelet.


Pécora is a pioneer in #243 the creation of innovative products with a primitive material, the sharp wool, which together with the jabón 100% handmade, seeks a way to bring beauty while enjoying for the senses, in everyday gestures.

Eevery color, every little wool pie isá chosen and set to build volúmenes, atmósferas, backgrounds and así we configure the image we want.

It is a laborious, care and detailed job.

The products we make are únicos and special

We bet that the singularity will be received as an exclusivity, as is each person.

Isora Díaz, founder of the design firm #241;o artesanal Pécora, bets on the renewal of #243 handmade work, looking for a #233;tica full of subtlety, sophisticationón and simplicity.

Althink to reach every habitable corner #243 of the planet.


Isora Díaz, founder, crafts and responsible.

Antonia Bacallado: Artisan

Angélica M. Gil C.: Craft

Irene: Administrative and other fucniones

We sell various ámbitos, detrás of each one there are diverse worlds, large families and own projects that we share in a workshop near the school, in a neighborhood: El Toscal, which #225 is also #233;n to be remaked and reinvented.

We are joined by a love of beauty and craftsmanship.