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Marisa Fries
"Productos Marisa, aperitivos con sonrisa"
25 años fabricando patatas fritas con ilusión y energía


The beginnings were not fáciles… they started in a churrería rented on the Paseo de Extremadura with only 20 square meters, Iraido and Emilia exchanged the churros for the fries.

Everything is #237 done by hand. Iraido freía the potatoes in a small #241;a fryer, cut the potatoes one by one with the help of a manual cutter, while Emilia filled the bags of potatoes by hand, and then went from store to store soldéndolas. They worked the 7 días of the week, no #237;a días rest or vacation….and the work motto was “what dí does;a, it does the night”.

A best effort and work well done, be aía la pasión that Iraido and Emilia ponían in the #243 manufacture of their chips, always using top quality potatoes and oils, which bore fruit with their exquisite fries that soon began to have a recognized name, every time they sellían more potatoes in their store and markets in Madrid


The company startedó to grow and be a benchmark of quality within the sector and in the Community of Madrid, as well as #237; who, they needed to expand, and did, in Villanueva del Pardillo, where we carry the cooler of 25 añwe manufacture french potatoes, with the illusión and energía with which Iraido and Emilia began, adaptágoing to the new times, maintaining the quality in the good raw material, and in the ingredients, still achieving past and present, to continue to offer a quality craftsmanship #243;n, which makes it the key to this family business remain #233ing in the market of almost 50 años.

We have never forgotten our humble orí genes. In fact, we have been able to integrate them to promote a espíritu of good coexistence at work and business values, all linked to a permanent commitment to the úlatest trends and products of Alimentación, always taking care of the quality of our raw materials.

The fruit of the tradition#243;n, experience and modernity, with its own name: MARISA FRIES

there is a question they usually ask us and it is: ¿From dówhere does the name MARISA come from? The answer has its history…

A few months after acquiring the little #241;a churrería, Iraido and Emilia, they worked very hard, from sun to sun and when it was manufactured all manually they needed all the hours of the día, and even some of the night. Emilia, a hard-working woman, always next to her husband… she stays ó pregnant. One afternoon, of the few that had to haveían of a walk, in the Madrid Retreat, a silver slave was found, with a name, MARISA. Iraido very happy said to Emilia: "Already sé what name I will put to the churrería… MARISA, and if the bebé who is going to be born is neither is neither; #241 #225; MARISA." And as it #237; was, #243 born, a niñ today in día is called MARISA and the smallña churrería became #243 the brand of the Family Enterprise, MARISA.


Our company is engaged in the manufacture #243;#237; as #237; as #243 well as the packaging and marketing of other products such as: jamón strips, adobada bacon, gourmet salts and fried onion.

Our goal is to continue defending our brand "MARISA", as we have already done for 55 años.


The staff is made up of eight people,

In the different departments: manufacturing #243;n, packaging, logística, accounting and commercial.

Alberto Rodriguez Callejas

"Bastante bien"

Bastante bien

12 Jun, 2020
Elena Saa Espina

"Muy rápido"

16 Nov, 2020
Elena Saa Espina
11 Mar, 2021
Iván Lesta

"Compra sencilla"

El producto posee una descripción amplía y muy acertada. La compra a través de la web ha sido sencilla y fácil. La búsqueda de producto está muy diferenciada en sus diversos tipos. En cuanto al paquete me sorprendió ver como llegaron las bolsas todas juntas en una caja, milagrosamente han llegado todas las patatas enteras sin romperse.

Debe de haber un error en la web ya que no me deja seleccionar la valoración, así que la escribo por aquí: VALORACIÓN 4/5

17 Dec, 2021
Jesus Leon Lopez
05 Oct, 2022

¡Muy buenas! Nos alegra ver que tu experiencia con Patatas Fritas Marisa ha sido agradable, Jesús. Cuenta con nuestra ayuda siempre que la necesites. ¡Un saludo!

Correos Market 06 Oct, 2022
Fernando López de Maturana, Uriarte


El producto ha llegado bien. De acuerdo a lo anunciado.

18 Dec, 2022

¡Hola Fernando! Queremos agradecerte tu comentario y que hayas contado con Patatas Fritas Marisa y Correos Market. Nos esforzamos día a día por mejorar. ¡Saludos!

Correos Market 19 Dec, 2022
Fernando López de Maturana, Uriarte


Todo ha sido de forma correcta. El producto llego de forma correcta y se corresponde con lo anunciado.

18 Dec, 2022

¡Muy buenas! Nos alegra ver que tu experiencia con Patatas Fritas Marisa ha sido agradable, Fernando. Cuenta con nuestra ayuda siempre que la necesites. ¡Un saludo!