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"El sabor, nuestra pasión"
Elaboración Cosas Naturales


Papila is an independent #241;ía company that distributes refrigerated gazpacho and mediterráneos dishes in España and in the international market, under the Papila brand. Our propósito: Develop delicious original healthy recipes or ecológicas, which stimulate the sense of taste, intensely, through the #233 combination #243;n of the best natural ingredients. The innovation #243;n is the result of the healthy combination #243;n of cultures and views. The difference is for us a source of enrichment,


Papilla's name is inspired by taste buds, a set of sensory receptors, which are located in the tongue. Taste buds, are the main promoters of the sense of taste and depending on their location #243;n in the tongue, have the ability to better detect certain type of estímules or flavors. The consumer is #225; at the heart of our concerns. Our values are firm and absolute. They focus on integrity and ética, respect for people, and environmental responsibility.


Somos a team of 4 people who manage the entire production chain #243;n together with all our producers. Great teamwork to be able to create the best possible products along with high quality ingredients.