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Lolitas Potatoes
"La mejor patata frita en tu mesa"
Elaboración de Patatas Fritas


In 1935, a young José Escrivá decides to enter the snack business by installing in the village of Bellreguard a stall with a simple fryer such as machinery and with potatoes, oil and salt as main ingredients for which to beíhis flagship product so far.

Allí He began #243; to prepare fries that #237 he then wrapped in with a paper cone and handed over those couples of lovers who walked and who went to #237 the old cinema to shareían those crispy, warm potatoes that had just acquired.

In a short time, that place in the pas&s. #243; to become a smallña fábrica that not only servía #250;#250 of the street but beganó to distribute to stores , bars and other #225;s retail establishments.#250;blico. To do this, the little #241;a fryer is transformedó into a large boiler where José prepared his orders in a big way with the same essence and the same cariñor with which time atrás servíhis paper cones.

Años después beíhis son Pascual who, formed by his father, enteredó in the potato business.

It was in 1965 that Pascual Escrivá Picó founded his own brand "Papas Lolita". Pascual decidedó this name for his product inspiredáing in his little daughter #241;a so-called así. Not only did I useó her name for the product, but she #233 was also the protagonist of the first package, as her photo occupied the cover. That package has gone down in history being remembered as the package of "the ni #241&<3> <9>;a of the braids".

and that niña grew it #243; and with it the small #241;a company, innovating así new formats of the package, new sizeños, new products. Currently Lolita herself runs the company that makes 80 years #241 ago;os her grandfather fundó with pride.


Papas Lolita is a family business in which 4ª currently works; generation #224 #233 #243 began in 1935 the fábrica de potatoes at a post in Bellreguard.

Currently Papas Lolita has modern facilities made in order to achieve the máximos levels of quality, without losing the craftsmanship #243;n with the recipes of its extensive traditionón. Our facilities and our effort allow us to ensure the máxima demand in the parámeters of hygiene and safety, which as a food company we must meet.

In Papas Lolita we have a great objective: to continue to be benchmarks of quality and taste among our customers. Our satisfaction #243;n is full as long as tasting our french fries becomes a pleasure for the consumer.

Papas Lolita está proud of his roots in his land, we do not forget our #237;family ces or our #237;ces in Bellreguard and now in Beniflá, La Safor and the Vall d"Albaida, Valencia and we feel recognized by our countrymen.


Currently Lolita manages the company together with a team of 10 people, in which it is #225;n including the fourth generation #243;n of the familyília.
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