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Ofrecemos pan de verdad elaborado con tres ingredientes: Harina ecológica, agua de Madrid y sal

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3 Letras Pan was born with the firm prpósito to offer a real bread made with 3 ingredients: Ecológica flour, Agua de Madrid and Sal.

Our products are based on 3 principles: slow and natural fermentation #243;n, the personalization that gives our products the sourdough, and respect for the product, flavors, aromas and textures that matter.

3 Letters Bread, 3 Values: Pasión for the trade, bets on #243 a healthy, sustainable and healthy food, taking care of the quality of the ingredients, the product and the environment around us.


We work and offer real bread and bollería artisan.

A sync #237 choices and variety that allow our clientele to consume in a tasty, healthy, healthy and sotenable way.

In our construction store #225 you can see the #160; process of elaboration #243;n and accompanyñar our products with others of artisan production#243;n so that you can find the perfect honeycomb.


6 people we make up the team between production #243;n and sales. People of different ages and nationalities that make up the professional team that offers each díto the best of sí themselves.