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Payment of the Arandinos
"Disfruta de los vinos de Finca de los Arandinos"
Bodega en Entrena, La Rioja


Finca de los Arandinos is the vital project of the penúltima generación of the Guillén-Sáenz .

The Guillén-Sáenz family is originally from the town of Entrena, in La Rioja, with más of 100 añviticulture behind them.

Aunque  sinks its #237 roots very deep in the family #243;n tradition, it is a young project since it was not until the añor 2008 when it producedó the first harvest in its winery, beginning the marketing of its own wines #243.

In the #241 a&<3> <0>;o 2011, wine tourism is given way with the opening of a boutique hotel with its own restaurant and spa.


We are the first wine project in La Rioja that ained in the same building, a winery and a hotel with restaurant and spa within a farm with viñedos and olive trees.

Situados  at the foothills of the Sierra de Moncalvillo in the municipality of Entrena (La Rioja), it is in this same municipality where the family cultivates their viñedos.

With the opening of the hotel and the awards and awards obtained in a short space of time, we have obtained a very important international recognition that has helped us to market our wines international #243ly, which we like to be #237 able to move to the national territory and that our wines were known.


The team forms it:

  • 15 people including winery, hotel and restaurant employees
  • And the owner family, which is actively involved in the project.