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Padiy My Little Girl
"Tu tienda de proximidad sin moverte de casa. Respetuoso con tu piel y con tu entorno."
Elaboración de productos de higiene


Soy with a degree in science químicas although I have always worked in large #243 technology companies. I have always been concerned about nature and our environmental impact. Since my children were born this concern #243 increased #243, considering the #241 that #237 could make certain products to my skin and that of my children, in #225 addition to the impact on the environment and the planet that we are going to leave them.

Esto take meó to elaborate in my own house with natural raw materials, the hygiene products that the family used: handmade soaps, massage bars, facial and body creams, and the effervescent pumps that #241 children like so much;os.

In the middle of the pandemic, seeing the need and importance of taking care of hand hygiene, we decided to take the leap in March 2021.

Our idea is to give the best products with the least possible impact on nature.


In PADIY Mi Tiendecita we have handmade products, ecológicos and recognized brands that guarantee the quality of the same. We care about our planet and therefore all our actions are #225 aimed at minimizing our negative impact on the environment.

The packaging of the envíos is recyclable and recycled, from sustainable forests, we do not write about él so that, if you want, you can reuse it.

The largestía of our products are in bulk or have sustainable packaging.

The product is mostly close-#237 to reduce the energy #233 impact.

In additionás, we want to be by your side, while you choose your product. If you want to make a gift, we advise you at all times and customize it, preparing the envíor taking into account your preferences.

In short, we want you to feel like you're your little fence-in-#237;a, that you start calling us My Little Girl And we'll transform with you.


Is a family business of recent creation #243 so it is a small team, but totally dedicated and excited about this project.