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Original Nonis The Giants
"Mejora tu vida con los Nonis Los Gigantes"
Elaboración de Noni


NONI LOS GIGANTES ® we are a #241 small family business, which we grow NONI ecológica and open pit since 1999, in Tamaimo, Santiago del Teide, on the island of Tenerife.

THE NONI is a fruit with extraordinary properties used in Polynesia and has been a natural pharmacy in its traditional use as “medicine for everything”.

We probably offer the best NONI on the market, and the most concentrated #243;n and purity. 100% PURO NONI, without additives or preservatives.


NONI THE GIANTS ® it is #243 an innovation and development project in the primary sector and in the manufacturing industry of food supplements#243 being únicos producers in the EC in the manufacture of Noni fruit #243 food supplements and we currently have customers in places as far away as England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Lithuania, Norway or Saudi Arabia.

NONI THE GIANTS ® it has the EC's mandatory authorization #243;n for the sale of its Noni in all países members since 18 May 2015, with certification #243;n ecológica both for its cultivation and for the manufacturing process #243;n.


We are a marriage and every day we #237 strive to offer our NONI plants the best conditions they need, until we create a 100% certified, ecológico and total guaranteeía product of quality and purity for our customers.