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Ordum, brewers of Asturias, is a company ñía españwave dedicated to the production of #243 craft beer in different varieties (lager, red ale, stout). ORDUM was born #243; a few meters from the Cathedral of Oviedo, the capital of the Principality, a place histórico.

Our beer is brewed in a privileged environment. In the middle of nature, our facilities are #225;n surrounded by the flora and fauna tíAsturian spades of the Council of Piloña under the shelter of the spring of Borines. Spring that makes our beer so special,

Our facilities rise above a histórich complex that has been recovered by collecting the witness of history and memory. Therefore, our fábrica has incorporated the modern technologyás to #237 guarantee the maximum quality of the final product #225 without losing its essence and raíces.

Our 19th#225 century fábrica sets us apart. Its enclave and architecture arouse interés among those lovers of Asturias and beer, so every year we #241 receive more and more #225;s groups of visitors interested in knowing moreás about this fábrica and the history of ORDUM


Our view is #243 IS that ORDUM is the craft beer brand of Asturias. But a brand created from the heart of Asturias #243;n for all those who believe in its values are of dónde sean. We defend the origin, the #243;n and the values of our people and our land. We believe in the power of things done with cariñ because they are the ones we enjoy with those we care about. Our mantra is: quality, #243;n and family. And that care of #241 we do things with must be reflected in every drink of ORDUM. This is what makes our craft beer a good beer,

With this we always select the best malts así as different varieties of lúpulo for the manufacture #243;n of our beers, whose #243 fermentation is natural and without azúcares añadidos. The water we also use #233;n is special and exclusive. It accounts for 90% of the beer we drink, so ORDUM is made from water from the borines.


ORDUM there are few of us. But a smallñor team of passionate brewers who conceive this brand of beer as their own and who take care of every detail of the manufacturing process #243;n.

We bet on development and encourage local employment so that our heritage and the history of our land are reflected in the taste of each ORDUM.

this is what makes us great,

Rafa Palomares


24 Dec, 2022

¡Muy buenas! Nos alegra ver que tu experiencia con Ordum ha sido agradable, Rafa. Cuenta con nuestra ayuda siempre que la necesites. ¡Un saludo!