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Moon Olive
"Conciencia ecológica y salud alimentaria"
Elaboración de Aceite Natural


We are a family business dedicated to the cultivation of ecológico olive groves in Sierra Morena  for thirty years;#241;os. One of the #241;os that each día we carry out is to produce an Extra Organic Virgin Olive Oil  which we market directly under the name of Olivar de la Luna. The idea of producing and marketing our own olive oil arises from the need to maintain a model of sustainable production #243, that harmonizes conserveción of the environment, agriculture and economy#237;a. This serranía siempre  beautiful but abrupt and difícil in which the farm is located, was in centuries past dismantled and planted with olive trees, some of these olive groves were planted on full moon nights. For this reason our brand is named “Olivar de la Luna” in homage to those who with their efforts offer us today the opportunity to continue working and living from the fruit of these olive trees.


Becauque we believe in agriculture focused on a system more ás rational and sustainable, we carry out agroecológico set of olive groves and ganadería.#160;

Our goal is to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy a high quality and healthy product at the same time socially and environmentally sustainable. 

This life project allows us to live in these mountains #241, contributing to its conservation #243;#243 n and the fixation of rural #243;n population in our ever more and moreás abandoned fields. 

In Olivar de Luna s moves ecológica consciousness, soority, collaboration#243;n and  commitment to future generations.  

So to continue working and living off the fruit of these olive trees,


The creator and creator of this project, Jesús and Tránsito, we were born in the rural world and after the paréntesis that our university #243 formation in philosophyí and journalism, we came back with the idea of living in the mountains and working the olive grove. The formación in agriculture and #237;we have gradually acquired it in a self-taught way; learning from the wisdomía inherited from our elders and updating knowledge through #233;s of attendance at specific coursesíficos of ecol agricultureógica and biodinámica. This project is sumó Valentina that  #243 it is a fundamental pillar of the company and with the añour two daughters Tránsito and Elena and our son Jesús. Tod@s formed today díto this family business. Throughout the long of these añwe have collaborated, always in an altruistic way, with various universities (Córdoba, Seville, Granada, Baeza) in the training courses #243 of the training in Economic Agriculture ógica. With ecológica agricultural control organizations such as CAAE via #233;s of informative agriculture and #237;#237;ecológicas and with públicas administrations (Diputación de Córdoba, IFAPA, Junta de Extremadura, town halls and GDRS), promoting the ecológico cultivation of the olive grove e giving conferences on the importance of women's work in agriculture and their #243 contribution to rural development. We have received visits associated with studies and projects on agroecología, agriculture and #237;a ecológicas of universities throughout Andalucía, así as visits by consumer associations and experts in agriculture and #237;a ecológicas of other países. We currently participate in several projects and associations such as the #243 Consumer Association of ecológicos Almocafre, the Association of Womenón Ecovalia, Association #243 of Women Window Open Of Pozoblanco, Associationó#160;Friends of the Earth and in the LIFE Inliven Olives project, towards the #241&o and certification of #243 olive groves reconciled with biodiversity.

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04 Oct, 2020
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08 Oct, 2020