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"Unidos por aceite"
Elaboración de Aceite


Olinexo SL is the group of two Ecológicas of Castilla La Mancha.
These two mills came together in 2019 in order to join forces and make their products known.
Al Olive Soul, it is a family mill located in the province of Toledo and Agropecuaria Ecológica Sierra de Alcaraz (AESA), is an oil mill created by the unión de pequeños agricultores of the south of the province of Albacete.


Our business is to market all the oil produced in these two mills on which many farmers depend.

Conscious with the environment and the quality of our product, we come with to be able to reach all kinds of markets and give the value that our product deserves.

Our oils have great recognitions nationally and internationally and we want all España to enjoy the pleasure of dressing their meals with our oil.


Behind these products #225 are more than #225 100 farmers who dedicate their effort and cariñor to grow their olive groves año after año.

carmen bahillo

"De lujo"

15 Apr, 2021

Muchas gracias por tu opinión Carmen,

Esperamos que disfrutes de nuestro producto y que repitas mucho más¡¡ :D