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"Sentimiento artesanal en telar"
Artesanía textil con materias 100% naturales y autóctonas


Ôdelutepá is a textile craft firm that has been with low- lizo looms in Madrid since 2014. We bet on products únicos, created manually.

We use útechnically quality natural fibers such as: baby alpaca, merino wool, linen, silk and cottonón.

Our ideas and goals for the brand are as follows:

  • Impulsing handmade craftsmanship at España.

  • Recover the craft of the puppetmer in our país.

  • Foment the production of #243;n with natural fibers autóctones: sale of sheep's wool.

  • Dive to know our firm outside of España, with an internationalization strategy #243;n of the brand, in a period of 2-5 añ <3> <1>;os.


The main activity of Ôdelutepá is the sale of textile products created 100% by us.

Parting our raw material, 100% natural fibers such as linen, merino wool or alpaca, we create in our looms, the fabrics with which to make the final pieces.

Además, we offer our customers other types of artíasses, such as pañteñgons by hand and natural spinning: raw and toasted sheep's wool.

Colaboramos with professional decorators, artesanía, high quality fashion, etc.

Somos a different única brand that works to give our best, thinking of you,


Ôdelutepá está formed by Eleuterio Moya, engineer técnico de química industrial in collaboration #243 with local artisans madrileños.

All Ôdelutepá team are spañoles textile knitters and produce the pieces in low- lizo looms with 100% natural fibers.

We are lovers of handmade work and value the cultural, social and economic importance of #243 craftsmanship.