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"Oc29, el minifundio de la moda gallega. Sólo 29 unidades de cada diseño."
Diseños textiles


The project arises from the Puri totebagas #241 designs (1/3 oc29) that it made for sí same in the spring of 2018. When I took #243; the first to school, the demás mamás querían one. Then he startedó uploading them to Instagram and Alberto (another 1/3) he put #243; in his head the idea that they were so cool that they deserved #237;an a brand.

Ocarallovintenove was the first and única occurrence of naming. It has a lot to do with our philosophy #237; vital and personal: to do cool things without anyone eating our jar. All food#241;ado with high doses of Galician retracting.

With the name a surgió the positioning: sówhat 29 (obviously) units of each #241;o. you are three energúmenas/os that we are part of the project we come (and go) from the marketing world. We are different per sé, as almost human beings, we #237 want our company project to be also #233;

When Puri creó the brand's logo and pages#225;ginas on Instagram and Facebook began to arrive. At that time we pulled Marcos (the 1/3 that was missing) to do the ecommerce. Because Marcos is vegan and grows potted cabbage at home, he didn't want to cash in. In return pidió entering the business and took 1/3 of the actions of what was already beginning to be the textile empire that will make á shadow Amancio. Our goal is to be able to donate más máquinas to Social Security spañwave that our direct competitor of the north of Galicia.


Make popular culture, bá well. We start with custom fabric bags. We believe in sustainability. It's not posture. When we are going to buy fruit with a bag of ocarallovintenove we prevent four or five bags of plástico from ending up at sea. We are atlántics, we live from the sea, we have done it for centuries, and we want it to remain así.

Sinable, customizable, almost exclusive and durable fashionable #237 life can be a good definition #243;n.


So 3 partners in the project since its gestation #243;n, a "ménage à trois" well agreed, without jealousy but with horn and tail (we are a bit of a devil).

Puri is the soul of the designs;#241;os, responsible for the guapura of the garments. Marcos ensures that técnicaally everything goes to perfectionón, is responsible for the sales channel from his designño and constructionón. Alberto goes by motorcycle hereí for allá with orders and además writes copys, which in oc29 have their relevance. He also #233;n runs social media and hangs out on Fridays.

"Rapidisimo y todo bien pero aconsejable no comprar mas de una cosa, de diferente productor, en el mismo pedido,"

SIn problemas..., alabo la iniciativa y la idea, perfecto...

24 Feb, 2020