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Numa Céramica
"Alma en Barro"
Cerámica tallada a mano


It was already ceramist in Madrid, before deciding on a change of life as a family #241 and moving my workshop to a small town in the Arribes del Duero, Zamora, where I have worked since 2007.
Aquí I have discovered in nature a source of inspiration #243;n inexhaustible, creative freedom and an ideal environment to also develop #233;n cerámicas experiences with national and international teachers, who come to share their knowledge and #233 techniques with amateur and professional ceramicists from all over the world.


Work in the workshop Numa Cerámica is completely handmade. Each piece is formed, modeled and carved by hand, making them all únicas and unrepeatable. Even cup sets are collections of six or four pieces with a #241;o común, but with subtle differences between sí, to make use a personal experience full of sensations, in which each decides, after #233 contemplating the piece, cuál choose, whyé fold drink and qué detail of the texture appreciate with the fingertips.
What we seek is to spread the #243 knowledge and value of the artesanía, as a form of production #243;n that brings soul and humanity to objects, that go from the hands of the craftsman to those of the client, retaining a personal footprint, which ceases to exist in the industrial process, más frío and so homogéneo that turns the object into one más, boring and intranscendent, that goes unnoticed before our eyes.
We like to extend this #237 forgotten culture of artisan objects and natural and sustainable materials, such as mud, displaced during déeach by the plástico and now have a new opportunity, thanks to initiatives such as Correos Market.


Numa Cerámica is a personal workshop, in which everything goes through the same hands, with the occasional support of my partner in the cooking and #243 preparation of mud.