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"Licor de mandarina natural y artesanal"
Licor Nelet, en pleno corazón de la Comarca de la Plana de Castellón

Licor Nelet is a family business created in 2011 by the couple Noelia and Manolo.

Located in the town of Vila-real and framed in the heart of #243;n of the Comarca de la Plana de Castellón, it is a cradle for #233;each of the cultivation of the best mandarins by being placed in a privileged environment between the riverbed of the río Mijares and its mouth bañada by the Sea Mediterráneo and with the protectionón of the Sierra de Espadán behind its backs.

Licor Nelet is the result of an #243;n. “ We madeáwe had tangerine liquor in a homemade way for us, friends and family, and seeing the great acceptance #243;n that had our liquor, we discovered a business opportunity since in the market we had not #237;no company with this type of product”. We pioneered this field and also #225;s this offers us #237;to a future work alternative.

The name “Nelet” comes from the diminutive of Manel, son of Noelia and Manolo.


In Licor Nelet we are dedicated to the manufacture of #243;#243 n and marketed liquors, at first we started with tangerine liqueur, then limón, to later expand the range with orange, #233;rice and creams later.

The process of producing #243;n of liquor ranges from the cultivation and care of our cítricos crops (mandarins, lemon and orange trees) to go on later elaboration#243;n, bottled and marketedón.

Licor Nelet is characterized by being a liqueur made in a totally natural and artisanal way that is #225; made with the selectionón of the best mandarins and lemons of our fields of the Plana.

Nelet is #225; within the Brand “Castelló Taste Route” which encompasses and encompasses a number of producers from the province of Castellón that following #225 a quality standards allows you to know and taste the excellence and quality of the best products and gastronomyía of this province, capital of the mediterr dietá At the same time, #233;n is a brand that identifies the territory and serves to facilitate rural development and sustainability


The team is three people:

Son, Noelia and Manolo, but in élittle collection #243;n and in high seasons Cristian and Tere comes to help us.

Fco. Javier Sánchez Lozano
19 Dec, 2022

¡Muy buenas! Nos alegra ver que tu experiencia con Nelet ha sido agradable, Fco. Javier. Cuenta con nuestra ayuda siempre que la necesites. ¡Un saludo!