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"Snacks de Fruta deshidratada 100% Natural, Sin azúcares, Sin Aditivos...en definitiva: Sin Cosas Raras"

This merchant belongs to the association FADEMUR.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Snacks naturales de frutas y verduras deshidratadas


The idea comes about 5 years ago #241; hand in hand with a young girl, Sandra de Blas. After #233 to finish her studies, she creates a company project based on #243 the dehydration of fruits and vegetables without thinking that she is dedicatedíto being an entrepreneur. Añospus #233;s seriously begins the Natursnacks project whose brand gradually consolidates within the snack market.
The idea was to create an alternative type of snack and different from conventional snacks. Healthy, natural, #225 easy to carry and #225 easy to eat.


At Natursnacks we are dedicated to the #243 elaboration of snacks of fruit and dehydrated vegetables. The raw material we use is of national origin, and our process of elaboration #243;n is artisanal, from the cleaning of the raw material, through its cutting, its placement in trays to its packaging. Our dewatering process #243 is slow at low temperature, about 45º for 12-24 hours to preserve its properties. The result is a 100% natural snack, without azúcares and without any additive #250 type. It can be taken by people on vegetarian diets or celíacos. Our snacks aim to promote a healthy, ecoló #243;gica, without #237 food, while aiming to claim the domestic and proximity product. On the other hand we want to promote the Slowfood Movement, which consists of eating slowly to taste and enjoy the máximo.

Third prize “Excellence to innovationón in agricultural activity” Innovaci excellence awards for #243;n for Rural Women, X edición, for 2019.


The team is #225; consisting of four women, two in production #243;n and two in the office.
Jaime Sanz Alonso

"Entrega muy rápida y bien presentada"

24 Feb, 2020
10 May, 2020