"Natuliva, calidad y salud en tu vida"
Aceite de Zaragoza


Eur-Uribor is a family business that was founded in 1992, created by Jesús Urieta.

Tras a life dedicated to the selectionón to the olive grove and noting that our crops are gaining in quality, I decide to launch a brand to the market endowed with exceptional quality at a good price. My illusión is to share the best of our land, health through #233 our extra virgin olive oil, ecológico and an extra virgin enriched with lycopene (natural antioxidant from tomato).


On the course of these añit has been developing, growing and consolidating throughout España in a double slope, born all of it from the olive grove.

We are pioneers in the supply of biomass to industries and distributors, we work with materials derived from natural products of the olive grove and our fields such as: olive bone, pomace, cáalmond scara, splinter, etc.


There family cará.
Jesús Urieta Casaos.

Elena Saa Espina
27 Jul, 2020