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Nao Nature
"Cuidarte es nuestra vocación"
Fabricación de productos para la salud e higiene corporal

The idea came up#243; in 2018 when we found in the cave of our village house some jab pillsón made by my mother Petra, moreás of 15 años, the smell was captivating, jabón made with water, caustic soda, repurposed virgin olive oil and bay oil, there were nothing moreás than 15 pieces of jabón, and..... were the últimas.

Así we started a process of creating #243 our own Brand Nao Nature, manufacturing products that take care of us at a sweet price, our handmade soap tablets sólidos and lísensors for body and hair hygiene.

As in 2020 and in the process of confinement, in the face of obligatory business inactivity, we decided to reorient the activity and start the manufactureón biodegradable masks of algodón 100% Lyocell, washable and Nao Nature. We decided to wait for the Ministry of Health to adopt the rules and instructions not to contribute to the generation of false protections, to offer así a quality product backed by the Nao Nature brand.


We are a company that is #241;wave and we like to do things right, with ingredients of responsibility, solidarity and care for the environment and, at this time, we decided that we should #237;we put our grain of sand putting people and nature at the center of this new situation #243;n, and we feel very orgullos@s, because we have managed to manufacture and market our hygienénicas of protectionón biodegradable, washable and reusable


It is a premium product both for the selectionón of the fabric (certified Lyocell biodegradable fibers after #233;s of its 11 uses each), the selectionó&n of the rubber the ástica and the type of confectionón, the whole process approved and protocolized.

The selection of fabric #243, from among the companies approved by the Association #243;n Española del Textil (AITEX), resultó difícil, because they are all of very high protectionón. Nosotr@s decided to combine a double layer fabric, algodón Lyocell fibers, sustainable, biodegradable and highly breathable for the climate we have (28 PA/cm2) and very high protectionón of filtration #243; n (98.9% BFE), fulfilling the objective of manufacturing a safe and có product;mode and fácil colocación, which protects us against covid- 19.

Nao Nature is a brand of quality and a brand of solidarity: this solidarity translates into adjusting the price of its masks so that éstas are accessible to the population #243;n, and always thinking about the social benefit of the use of this mask, not being lethal to our Planet Earth.


We are two people: Irene, in love with quality sewing and product and entrepreneurial, and Andrea, in love with sustainable products and free of what#237; mycos, and eager to work.

Gloria Rodriguez

"Todo muy bien"

07 Aug, 2020

Muchas gracias Gloria!

Nao Nature 14 Aug, 2020
Pablo Torrecillas

"Compra de proximidad buena"

03 Nov, 2020

Gracias Pablo! Las mascarillas Nao Nature están confeccionadas con un tejido de algodón muy respirable, adecuado a nuestro clima, y de muy alta protección (98,91%). Nuestro objetivo es poner a vuestra disposición un producto seguro, cómodo y de fácil colocación, evitando la manipulación de la mascarilla. Feliz tarde!!

Nao Nature 05 Nov, 2020
Alberto Centeno Huarcaya
28 Jan, 2021